Zac Efron & Justin Bieber (Story with Fakes)

It was Justin's birthday! He was alone at home, Selena was on tour, and he was alone, watching TV! But not that day! It was noon, and he was sitting on the couch when the doorbell rings. He runs to meet and see is Zac Efron. Zac arrived,say congratulated for Justin, and they were talking. After a minute, Justin asks if Zac wants to see some videos porn and Zac accepted. Justin puts a gay porn, and the two begin to see carefully! The two were excited, and Zac realized that Justin's cock its big! Zac then says:
- Justin, I have a birthday present for you!
And Justin responds:
- What is it?
And Zac shows, taking his cock out, and forcing him to suck! Justin fell at big cock mouth delicious, and began to swallow him whole! It was very horny, and Justin would just suck it in your throat!

Then he pulled Justin and Zac began licking and penetrate her ass delicious. Justin was dying of lust, and just groaned! That was good, and Zac was sticking his tongue, that delicious ass!

Then Zac sat on the couch, and pulled Justin, and began having sex. Zac did not do, with all that banging tight ass. Justin cried out in pain and lust, and Zac just getting there. And they were changing their position, until you find the right one, and it just got hotter. Then Zac get a cum in Justin, who licked it all forced, and also sucked more dick Zac.

And then, the two exchanged and Zac was away, but Justin never forgot who had the best birthday gift! That until the next day when Zac knocked at his door again, and repeated all over again, every day was a thing ...

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  2. Your English is atrocious

  3. good story but gramma needs checking

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    When you tell someone to check their 'gramma', maybe you should check your spelling...GRAMMAR. He's providing entertainment to others via this site so, as your Mother would tell you, "If you don't have anything nice to say..."

  5. ho que bn a porque no pone fakes de jordi coll el actor de gonzalo de secreto de puente viejo

  6. ho que bn a porque no pone fakes de jordi coll el actor de gonzalo de secreto de puente viejo digo lo mismo que compañero venga estaria bueno siiiiiiiiii

  7. Hot...yum...text me @ 18077382916....horny as hell!! Chuck.


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